Of the more than 200 training sessions, master classes, workshops, lectures, panels, etc, you see a few diverse examples below. You can get a sense of the content by scanning the titles and topics on the slide-previews. If you look closely you see that they all refer to skill development..

All projects have one thing in common: managers, educators and their pupils often think they are critical thinkers, but often that layer is razor-thin. Also, “critical” is not the same as “curious” and I’ll be happy to discus the difference. .


What this range represents is the sheer variety in formats on offer. The format that suits your needs depends on variables like # sessions, how much you realise that it is not a quick fix, the number of people who are joining the journey, and the breath of the scope of the intended change.

The more durable you want the effect to be, the more the participants, e.g. your team, should feel an intrinsic motivation to improve and learn. This will encourage a meaningful exchange and more ownership instead of being subjected to a top-down listening exercise.

For the shown and other examples, most settings so far were linked but not limited to:

at events organised by for example MSF, Beyond Good Business, Erasmus university, Sustainable Innovation 2012, Sogeti (DYA day), Internations network, Green Islands summit, Social Adventure and many many others.

Playing together

For current activities I amongst others work with:

  • Inholland Delft on developing a trans-disciplinary minor featuring the Triple-C skill set
  • Generous Minds on supporting companies to increasing their Goodprint instead of just reducing their Footprint
  • Bildung Academie on developing a Higher Education module on mastering Creativity, read the course outline for the upcoming edition here
  • Delft University of Technology on a (pilot) course Critical Thinking for Engineers
  • Plennid, empowering sustainable business
  • Outside Inc, empowering social intrapreneurship, see for English version of my guest blog
  • and several other Friends of the New ABC