You can find my main contact information on the right and for more background you can click the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Consider the image above as a non-trivial hint as to what would be a helpful condition for a face-to-face meeting… If we’re located in different countries, we can undoubtedly arrange a Skype call, or similar.

Everything on this web-site should be seen as conversation-starter  Even the overview of services is not set in stone, your particular needs may require a tweak of some kind. As long as you recognise the relevance that your employees or students become more proficient in 21st century skills we can work together. In particular if you are eager and open to learn more about how they, and you, can be(come) more curious and apply that skill in professional practice. The form and shape of our cooperation will benefit from my years of diverse experience and in our arrangement this  will be applied to your specific situation.

As a basically no-lose first step, after initial introduction, you can organise a Curious Coffee session with me and your colleagues to get a first glimpse of what could be in store if we cooperate.

I therefore don’t misleadingly promise results before we have started our dialogue, but I do guarantee you will get a different outlook on your challenges and possibilities for ways forward. The experience of others may help you to take the step to get in touch.

A warning upfront: because I am working – with pleasure – several days a week at a fixed job, I will for now not have the opportunity to work on intensive large assignments. But ones where I can with light touch support your own endeavours might be possible.