To survive professionally in this day and age, curiosity might very well be the most important skill you need. It’s the engine of pretty much all the other skills that are highly ranked nowadays.

The New ABC is all about supporting you and your team to (re)discovering, practise and develop this (innate) skill. This is in particular true for anyone dealing with challenges related to (complex) change and transitions e.g. towards more sustainable (business) models. Interested, or should I say, curious? Read on

Curiosity is the mother of all progress

Why am I focusing on curiosity ? Most organisations (profit, non-profit, government) consider creativity and innovation to be essential nowadays, as well as being able to deal with complexity. In my view this makes sense because these phenomena are about flow. Flow is both what keeps us alive AND what give us energy to make that life interesting in the first place.


Less obviously, in my view curiosity is at the heart of all of this. To me curiosity means to not take information, problems or opportunities at face value but to investigate and wonder why things are as they are. Then you can make new connections to change what you don’t like. We have largely neglected that skill. or even been actively deskilled. Instead most people feel pressure(d) to focus on taking action, often by jumping to uninformed answers and solutions, unfortunately too often based on bad or lazy questions. That is the opposite of curiosity and that makes me sad.

I have a dream…

That all people are valued on how inquisitive they are more so than being judged by their ability to state (often known) answers to (not very interesting) questions. This dream may perhaps not seem very ambitious, but I will be happy if we achieve this. If you honestly look at what mindset is currently dominant, you will see that we have a LONG way to go.

Knowledge is important, and relevant. But without the power of curiosity the value of actual knowledge is completely underutilised. If you’re not curious what knowledge can do for you, us, society then it has limited value. So before you start going on about being creative and innovative, we have to talk about curiosity. What don’t you know and do you realise how wonderful that is, in order to make real progress?

“You can’t solve the world’s problems with the same knowledge and thinking that created them” (a guy called A. Einstein)

What about your curiosity?

As a professional, manager, educator, or education manager does this trigger your interest, or better yet, curiosity ? By all means get in touch. Check out typical problems that The New ABC can help you with and how. Or first read on for much more context on my main vision and in this summary presentation. Additionally, you can check the pages regarding my profileprojects/ examples, more thoughts and blog-posts.