Living Creativity =

… being Serious about Celebrating Playfulness because that’s where it all starts, also as an adult

… loving Paradoxes like the one above and combining (some) structure with chaos

… embracing messiness because despite what tool-hungry consultants tell you, idea generation does not follow a (linear) step-by-step tightly guided process

… acknowledging that even for alleged creative geniuses the systematic variation both points at some structure in the process but not in the outcome. Case in point.

… getting energy out of contradictions because that is where the source of originality lies

… realising that all of this completely depends on how Curious you are

… saying goodbye to start and end of a process but look at Life itself, i.e. the “infinite structured messiness” of DNA. See the top of the page….

… realising that the intertwined DNA string is also the perfect metaphor for the continuous interaction between consciously analytical and unconscious processes that are the parents that sprout creative thinking.

… discarding the out-of-the-box metaphor and embracing out-of-the-bubble as the mental model to represent the mix of perspectives that boost creativity.

… by all means talking to others but also taking alone-time to arrive at new creative heights.

If you did well in life, very little of the above will be new. So then the question is: have you indeed lived creativity or has something held you back?

This post is going to be dynamic, so is likely to change the coming weeks still. Feel free to revisit 🙂