Initial and ongoing inspiration

Inspiration that enriched and/or supports my work

Many sources have provided inspiration for The New ABC, I list the following. I will update this post regularly with new relevant links.

Obviously: Curiosity is the Engine of Innovation, and as it turns out the engine of overall performance as well, so it’s not ‘just’ the soft side of business that benefits.

This wonderful speech by John Cleese on Creativity: “… not a talent, but a way of operating”, fuelled by “a lack of purpose”… “an attitude of playfulness” … “a maximum use of curiosity” .. “playing longer with the problem at hand”. A point well reflected in this blog post.

A More Beautiful Question (#AMBQ)

Education represents an important impact area in the Sustainable Development Goals: quality & lifelong learning for all

21st century skills, including creativity, imagination, critical thinking and problem solving. These skills in one way or the other all build on curiosity.

Just about any presentation by Guy Kawasaki

This recent HBR article reflects full support of everything on my page. In particular it supports my vision regarding the importance of questions as opposed to obsessing with answers. This is especially true if you seek novelty or breakthroughs.

A Curious Mind (book by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman). Good opportunity to practise how to identify the important and inspiring core messages about Curiosity without getting distracted by the quite abundant self-praise. Be curious about what matters to be able to brush away the rest.