The Blog Files

During the whole decade I have written and published many blog posts on various sites. Due to a variety of reasons many of them are no accessible anymore, mostly because of technical reasons.

Upon rereading some of the source text it occurred to me and others that many writings still contain relevant ideas. Some posts at the time seemed a bit far-fetched but much less so now. Others present ideas that are still not mainstream, but do make sense.

In short, with some effort I managed to retrieve about 20 old posts and combined them in this booklet. They mostly address topics in the domain of sustainability, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and the combination. Almost all of them present a not-so-common viewpoint or vision and then wonders whether that viewpoint has value. I.e., they are born out of An Inquisitive Mind. The document ends with a link to the blog-section of my own site.

Enjoy, The Blog Files.